Roland Garros - Women's Singles Final / by Alexandru Nichifor


Very hard to remain objective. Congrats to Sharapova, she deserves her gong, but her gamesmanship was a disgrace. As for Simona, she lost today, but beyond her superb tennis,... what a lady she is! Maria pulled out a crafty time-out stunt to break her momentum, yelped, wasted time (slow serving or turning her back at Simona's serve), clenched her fists celebrating Simona's mistakes in her face,... all this without any warning from the ref!? And then, when the journalists asked Simona what she thought about Maria's game, Simona had the class not to say anything ... don't know how many others, in tennis, in sports, or in life, could have had the grace, when the stakes are so high, to refrain from calling a spade a spade (I wonder what either of the Williams sisters might have said). Maria won the tournament, but I'll continue to cheer for Simona. And not because she is Romanian, but because she is an excellent player who, in a cynical "professional" world, still has all the values that I was taught as a kid that tennis and sport should be about. Good luck Simona and, ... get better, but don't change!